Fear: Τhe Trojan Horse of Power.
But also substantial.

Timeless and common to all humans.
Capable of suppressing any resistance,
of freezing the most determined power, of suspending progress.

Fear is a natural, common feeling. Everyone is afraid.
Both Us and Them. Both the powerful and the powerless.
The challenge is always who will control fear,
manage it for their own benefit,
and transform a tool which can manipulate consciences
into a mechanism of protection.

The era of false bliss, together with its illusions, has come to an end.
Here comes the time that someone has to pay.
Now, whoever fears first is summoned to bear this cost.
And they are always the ones who have the most to lose.

Today we write about fear in an effort to exorcise it.
We are setting it opposite ourselves.
We recognize it, in order to face it and make it stand naked before us.
Any given coin has always two sides:
nothing is by itself good or bad, too much or too little;

What matters the most is with how much logic or wisdom
we administer everything.

Fear is owned by no man, thus it can easily change direction!

Image by: Lish-55 on www.deviantart.com

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